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Lakotah Morning Prayer of Thanks Given… 11.21.12 November 21, 2012

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O holy Great Mystery, thank you for this day.
I thank you for the Universe, which is our tabernacle, our house of worship.

Thank you for the Star People, who watch over our water and all that lives, and give us direction and a place in life.
Thank you for the Moon, which also watches over the water and purifies the women naturally.
Thank you for the water.
Thank you for our sacred Grandmother, the Earth, mother of all living beings, for they are our relatives.
Thank you for the East Wind, which brings the Morning Star which gives us the dawn of a new day, so that we will not repeat the mistakes of yesterday. The East Wind brings a newness into our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits, renewing the spirits of our sacred Grandmother, the Earth and of all our relatives. And thank you for the Black Tail Deer People, who live in the East and watch over us.
Thank you for the South Wind, which brings warmth and generosity to our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits, as well as to our sacred Grandmother, the Earth, and to all our relatives.
Thank you for all the winged beings of the air for their teachings, their generosity and their sacrifices.
Thank you especially for the eagle, who flies the highest, sees the furthest, and is faithful to its mate.
Thank you for the four-leggeds, who give us so much and teach us so much, for their sacrifices and sharing. And thank you especially for the buffalo, because as the buffalo goes, so go our people.
Thank you for all our relatives who crawl and swim and live within the earth, for their sacrifices and sharing and their generosity.
Thank you for all their teachings and for everything that they give us.
Thank you also for all the green, growing things of the Earth. They teach us so much and give us so much.
Thank you for their sacrifices and for their sharing.
Thank you especially for the tree with the whispering leaves, for its strength and independence and its teachings. And thank you for the sacred Tree of Live, which we must nourish and care for to ensure that it blossoms once again, allowing our people to live as they were intended.
Thank you for the salmon and the other fishes, who teach that it is our birthright to return to our home.
Thank you for the spider, who teaches us the foibles of life in the guise of Iktomi, the Trickster.
Thank you for each of the sacred ceremonies brought us by the holy White Buffalo Calf Woman.
Thank you for our purification lodge, which enlightens us with understanding of purification and cleanliness. Thank you for the Sundance, which allows men an opportunity to comprehend the miracle of new life by sharing, in a small way, the experience of childbirth.
Thank you for the Crying for a Vision Ceremony, which permits us to recognize a positive and independent road to follow throughout life. Thank you for the Making of Relatives Ceremony, which allows us to bring new citizens into our nation, our family, our clan.
Thank you for the Keeping of the Spirit Ceremony, which allows us the privilege of showing respect for our ancestors, and brings the community together to share and celebrate the deeds of the departed.
Thank you for the Throwing of the Ball Ceremony, which brings the community together as one heart, one mind, one spirit, one body.
Thank you for the Making of Woman Ceremony that allows girls and young women to aspire to being worthy of the universe.
Thank you for the healing ceremonies and sweet medicines produced by our green relatives who grow. Together they care for the infirm, the crippled and the sick.
Thank you for the soil, for the clouds, for the white blanket that comes to cover our Grandmother, the Earth, in the time of cold.
Thank you for the sacred colors, together representing everything that is worthy in life, and individually teaching us so much.
Thank you for the wind that travels in a circle, for it teaches us respect and wonder and awe.
I thank you for everything that is holy and sacred and good.We are all related.
Mitakuye Oyasin: We Are All Related