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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 11.19.12 November 19, 2012

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1. “Master, I am afraid.” … “How can you be afraid when you are IN the Master’s Presence??? That would be like pulling your parachute open while standing on the ground. ” ~ Mooji

2. Fighting for Peace is like screwing for virginity. ~ George Carlin

3. “CHOOSE your daily mood and attitude first thing every morning. Do NOT wait to see what happens first and DO NOT LET THE EGO STEAL YOUR JOY because of something that someone else says or does, or fails to say or do. RELEASE THE HOSTAGES and keep massaging your own thoughts to the better feeling place by amping up your attention on the positive aspects of anything and everything around you – even if you have to go so far as to say to yourself, “You know, the GREAT thing about his problem is _______________”  And should you find that all your plans fall through and you are in a situation which tempts you to tell yourself a stressful and sad story about what is happening – once again take charge of your mood and attitude. Admit that you do not like what is happening, let it out, and then CHOOSE how you want to FEEL in spite of what is happening and get back on the highlighted route to inner peace.” ~ Jacob Glass

4. I hope you DANCE!!!! (like no one is watching)