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Thoughts and Jacob for Today 11.18.12 November 18, 2012

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Below is a post from Jacob Glass this morning, it was simply too good not to share… I am grateful  gotten to attend Jacob’s lecture/class yesterday morning in Palm Springs… he was ON and even after he stopped the audio taping he went on for at least 40 more minutes… he talked a lot about treating and not listening to the BS of someones story… he talked about a practitioner that had someone come to them for months and go on and on in the story and the practitioner would be mumbling during the time the client would be going on and on, finally one day the client became frustrated enough to ask what the practitioner was mumbling about and that they felt they were not being listened to OR heard… the Practitioner reply “I am saying over and over again, not a word of Truth in this, not a word of TRUTH in this, NOT a word of TRUTH IN THIS…” we must remember (IF we Truly want to KNOW and LIVE PEACE) that it is not Truly helpful to JOIN another in their misery including our own stories…

The other thing I took with me was one of the last stories he told … he said something like, the way to not be disappointed in the world is to see yourself shooting an arrow into the Universe and wherever it lands, make that your target… that is where you meant to shoot it… I LOVE THAT… Enjoy the read below…

Time for Review

“You are much too tolerant of mind wandering,
and are passively condoning your mind’s miscreations.

A Course in Miracles

Some of you have allowed the ego to steal at least some of your joy again as you’ve become somewhat sloppy and lazy about your vibration. You don’t even realize how many of your thoughts and conversations are at least mild whining, complaining, self-pitying, blaming, grumbling, murmuring, faultfinding, rehearsing your fears, worrying, talking lack, speaking limitation, giving voice to problems and so on. And you need to accept the fact that it really does not matter how “legitimate” or good your reasons for this is – you are only hurting yourself. You may call it “venting” or “clearing” but it is detrimental to your happiness unless you are doing it in the context of KNOWING that it is all bullshit and you are saying it to someone who doesn’t believe a word of it but who is listening kindly without judgment for a BRIEF period, and certainly no more than once a week. You must NOT indulge the ego unless you are deeply questioning what it tells you. This is what the 4 questions of “the work” and the worksheets are for, remember? Knowledge is only POTENTIAL power. You must USE the tools and what you know in order for them to have an effect.

No one else is doing this to you. It has merely become the excuse you use for cutting yourself off from your own connection to the Divine Presence within you and your own JOY. This is  not the advice We would give the general public, but for you Graduate Student Practitioners, it is IMPERATIVE that you remember these Truths.

Light ballsThis is the time for you to free the hostages once again! It is time to turn this energy pattern around – to make a better choice. You must NOT be passive in this. YOU are responsible for what you think and what you say – and all those thoughts and words manifest instantly into “thought forms” which ARE your current reality of the moment even if they never manifest physically.

The reality you are creating IS in form – thought forms. And your thought forms are far more real to you than any “physical” thing that you experience. Again, you are far too focused on physical form when it is THOUGHT FORM that has the greatest impact on your moment-to-moment daily life. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT and CHOOSE the thoughts, attitudes and words that massage you to a better and better feeling place.

In particular, as you enter the increased cultural vibrational frequencies of this time of year it is very important to take your own emotional journey and not look to other people and situations to give you the feeling you want to have. YOU are responsible for your own happiness and this is the best news of all! The world, God, your family, the economy, a spouse, children . . . none of these have been assigned to you to make you happy. That is YOUR job.

And if you find that “they” are frustrating and upsetting you – go right ahead and judge the shit out of them in your own mind. Think all the ego thoughts that you can muster about them – and at the end of it all say, “just like me.”  Then, once again realize that life is simply a mirror showing you your own beautiful and horrifying self over and over again. At this point it is much easier to release the hostages and to release yourself as you start over again. Perhaps you have not fallen entirely into the ditch but are gently and ever-so-slightly starting to veer off into minor frustration or slight melancholy or something that seems like “no big deal” – well, NIP IT IN THE BUD RIGHT NOW. Ego loves to GRADUALLY lure you into hell rather than hurl you in all at once. Make a DECISION NOW to turn entirely toward the Light again and get back on track.

THIS is the time of Light – the Season of Light! Rejoice and savor each moment of it as you remember to take responsibility for EVERY SINGLE WORD THAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. SPEAK ONLY that which quickens your vibration to the place of what you WANT to feel. Your reality is created by your words IMMEDIATELY in the form which is most powerful of all – THOUGHT FORMS. Create the thought forms that lift you up today and all through this Holy Season. We are with you. You are not alone. Take the first few steps forward and We will Help you to see the evidence that your faith is justified. There is more good for you than you an even begin to imagine – but imagine it anyhow – just for fun – just for shits and giggles. The better it gets, the better it gets!