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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 11.10.12 November 10, 2012

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“When a thought hurts, that’s a signal that it isn’t true.” ~ Byron Katie

Are we surrounding ourselves with people who love and accept US for who we ARE?

We can ask our self this: When I am among my closest circle of friends, am I unafraid to be my Self, show my vulnerability and express mySelf truthfully at all times?

If the answer is yes, then that’s great! If the answer is no, then it’s time to re-evaluate our own honesty with our Self and those who we surround our Self with.

Re-evaluate is key in this statement. At times we tend to cut out others from our life. This may or may not be what is needed. As long as we are conscious and centered in Self, we can CHOOSE to be around those seeming “others” who appear to be in different place – or not. We can LET all things be used for their intended purpose.  We don’t need to simply hang out w/ those “others” who are LIKE us. Being in the presence of others on a different path can be helpful. We can practice being Authentic, without picking up the nonsense, cheap drama, judgment, whatever. Part of the Authentic Self is being AWARE and AWAKE!