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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 11.9.12 November 9, 2012

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‎1.  Happiness is your nature, it’s not wrong to desire it. What IS ineffective is to seek it outside yourself when it is inside.

2. Many write and say they don’t even know what it means to be “your Self”, or how to Love “your Self”. The first step is to STOP judging our self, wherever we are in our life in this moment! STOP beating our self up, regardless of who we “think” we are, whether or not we like who we “think” we have become, or where our life IS right now. The first step is to ACCEPT WHAT IS, while releasing, as best we can, any and all judgment of what IS! The problem is never about who we ARE, it’s about questioning our thoughts and judgement we have regarding who we THINK we are!!

3. Don’t ask for a relationship out of loneliness, no. Then you are moving in a wrong direction. Then the other will be used as a means and the other will use you as a means. And nobody wants to be used as a means! Every single individual is an end unto himself. It is immoral to use anybody as a means.

First learn how to be alone. Meditation is a way of being alone.

If you can be happy when you are alone, you have learned the secret of being happy. Now you can be happy together. If you are happy, then you have something to share, to give. And when you give you get; it is not the other way. Then a need arises to love somebody. ~  Osho


4. I am here only to be TRULY helpful!!!