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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 11.7.12 November 7, 2012

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1. Daily Affirmation: I focus on what I love and keep these things activated in my Consciousness.

Today I find myself starting sentences with the phrase, “I love it when ______”  as I happily fill in the blanks.

And in my self-talk I am saying, “You know what I love . . . ” 

as I look around me to see and focus on the things that fill me with Joy and delight.

I am always prepared to say and often find myself saying, “the things I have greatly loved have come upon me.”

Thanks Jacob Glass

2. “You cannot give to someone else, and this you learn through teaching.” ~ ACIM Teachers Manual 

3. Within your own Being is the only Real there IS. The teacher only reminds you of the appointment you have within your own Being.  ~ Mooji

4. “When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy. Pride leads to violence and evil. The truly good gaze upon everything with love and understanding”.  ~ Dalai Lama

5. I am not here to teach you what you should believe or how you should act. I am here to support you in your vigilance to this that is calling you in the depth of your being. Love yourSelf. ~ Gangaji


6. I appreciate this question and answer with Byron Katie…

Dear Katie, I would like you to speak to a recent quote of yours (I hope I get it right): “If a thought is hurtful, then it is untrue.” Lori

Dearest Lori, Yes, this is something I have said often, in many variations. And what is even more important, if a thought hurts you, question it, and watch it let go of you. Ask yourself whether it is true or not, ask yourself how you react when you believe it, and so on, and really listen. You can know that reality is good just as it is, because when you argue with it, you experience anxiety and frustration. Any thought that causes stress is an argument with reality. All such thoughts are variations on a theme: “Things should be different than they are.” “I want…,” “I need…,” “He should…,” “She shouldn’t…” “I don’t ever want to . . .,” “He is…,” “They are…” “It always hurts when you argue with what is kind, which is your true self, your own heart. When the mind matches the heart, there is a balance, there is no suffering, no confusion. Done. And we can always begin right now. Or not. It’s up to the “you” that mind believes you to be in the given moment, and that is all there is or isn’t. Thank you for the question. All ways love, as you are, bk