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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 11.2.12 November 2, 2012

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1.  “Ideas leave not their source.” (The Calls are coming from inside the house)

This means what you think, you “see”. What you see, you experience. What you experience, you think.

This is why reversal is needed. Be willing to think apart from what you experience, and you think apart from fear.
You think apart from guilt. You think apart from division.

In this way, you think in alignment with Truth, and that which is not Truth, can be undone.

2.  http://www.bestofyoutoday.com/ask-self-growth-expert/change-your-life-4-simple-questions an interview with Byron Katie “Do we really want to know the Truth???” here are a few of the questions from this interview, or click the link and read them all…

Many people who have such incredible insights go through very painful, dark moments to get them to that enlightened state. Why do you think human beings have to go through the pain to get to where you are today? 

Byron Katie:  I’ve considered this a bit. You know, you hear that people in surgery or during great trauma such as being raped leave their body. It’s as though the mind is so troubled that it cannot go any further, it cannot project any further. When the mind cannot project, there’s a moment when there’s nothing, and in that moment the marvelous experiences are available to us. My experience is that all suffering, all pain, is a projection of the mind. So in that moment, the mind cannot project more pain. For some of us, there is a break in consciousness at that moment where everything is visible. I think it’s an out-of-body experience during which the mind is not going to stick around and say, “I am that body, I am this pain.”

Does ego play a role in the ability to connect with people?  How can people address their ego and become more compassionate and willing to take acceptance for their lives?

Byron Katie:  I just kind of fell into it, questioning my stressful thoughts. It just left me as this human being that cares. I always did care, it’s just that I can live that fearlessly now, without my ego taking the situation over.  For me, the ego is like an immature or child’s mind that believes itself. The Work really is the mind’s love affair with itself; it’s the end of the war with the self. Until we end the war within our own mind, how can we end the war with our family members and community and world? How can we expect our politicians to end wars in the world when we can’t end it in our own heads? The invitation is to identify what you’re thinking and believing, test it through these four questions and turn-arounds, and see if it is true for you. You take one concept at a time and then turn it around. “I did it wrong,” for example, becomes, “I did it right.” When we get still, we begin to see what is true and what is not, and where we’re justifying and trying to make ourselves feel better and where we’re authentic. That’s what comes out of meditation and the stillness – we find our authentic Self.

3. Whether the mind is chaotic or not makes no difference! Allow everything to move through you. Nothing goes deep nor registers inside. Like plants without roots floating on the surface of the ocean, let what comes and goes do their thing, you stay put in and as the being/Self. In fact use all experiences as opportunities to find out who you are! The sage in you doesn’t have to take a step back from anything for it is without identity. ~ Mooji

4. The naked Truth is always better than the best-dressed lie. ~ Ann Landers

5.  I am trying this one on for size today… this is where my thoughts are in the moment… Love, Faith

Every time we don’t stand down to a key abusers in our lives, we lose a little ground, we fade into the night, we cry a little inside. As important as it is to reach a stage of genuine forgiveness where possible, it is just as important to assert boundaries with those who are violating ours. It may well be why they came into our lives- to ask us to recognize and claim our own value by standing down those who diminish it. Standing tall!

This is the story of victim/victimizer in some ways AND when we speak the Truth by remembering our Greatness, who we Truly ARE and why we ARE here, there IS no victim/victimizer…