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Wonderful and Important Post by Jacob Glass this morning October 31, 2012

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“Where the mind goes, the man follows.
Joyce Meyer

There is a story told of a long stretch of road in the desert leading from California to Las Vegas where there is a tendency for drivers to fall asleep at the wheel and crash into electrical poles. Considering the distance between these poles you would think that the chances of hitting the poles rather than simply driving off the road would be rather low – apparently the opposite is true. MANY drive right into those poles as if they were the goal.

Indianola_LQHPRIt seems that what often occurs is that as the speeding driver goes off the road and starts hitting bumps, he awakens, grabs the wheel and focuses all of his attention on NOT HITTING THE POLE ahead of him. Consequently he usually plows right into the pole. Awareness is such that where the mind goes, the man follows. If your attention is on AVOIDING something, you are most likely headed exactly in that direction.

This is another great misunderstanding of the “law of attraction” because you tend to think of it in terms of what you are “attracting to you” when in fact the law has much more to do with WHAT YOU ARE ATTRACTED TO. And you are attracted to whatever your attention is on – you are heading right for it. Where the mind goes, the man follows. Job said, “The thing I have greatly feared has come upon me” – because he was heading right for it by keeping it active in his consciousness as he “greatly feared” it. It’s not about what you attract, but what you are attracted TO that has the most impact in your life.

Where your mind goes, you will follow sooner or later. Keep your mind on the direction that you want to be traveling in. Start heading for the joy, the peace, the prosperity, the love, the kindness, the wholeness, the healing, the good . . . even if everyone else is running around like Chicken Little declaring that the sky is surely falling. There is nothing to avoid, only something to move toward. CHOOSE now what you are moving toward so that your great quote will be “what I have greatly loved has come upon me.”

When you begin to “greatly fear” anything simply remind yourself, “Uh oh, I’m heading for the pole. The pole is not after me. It cannot come and get me. I am the one heading for the pole through my attention to it. And so, I’m changing direction right now and heading for the smooth open road.”