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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 10.27.12 October 27, 2012

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1. Defense Mechanisms are Energy Drains… We all put far too much energy into our defensive, self-protective rituals.  When we stop doing this, we release an unbelievable amount of energy into our lives.  Doors that we once knocked on in vain now spontaneously open to us. Opportunities that once recoiled from us now walk up to us and shake us by the  hand.  ~ From Everyday Wisdom by Paul Ferrini

2. If you want to dance with another, root yourself first. Learn to hear your own guidance. Dialogue with the hurt child and the Divine host within. Practice forgiveness and compassion for yourself. ~ Paul Ferrini

3. The primary goal of those exclusive special relationships is to lend support to a threatened and failing ego. And then the Holy Spirit steps in and uses those very same relationships to further undo and tear apart your ego. That’s when you feel betrayed and unfairly treated, and you get really pissed off. But hey, you asked for enlightenment. You asked to know Love. A separate special ego cannot get enlightened or know Love.

4. Being in love does not require a special person or a specific object. On the contrary, if everyone and everything is not included in your love – if you are not in Love with Love itself, then you do not really know what Love is.

5. To heal is to make Happy. ~ ACIM T-p 72