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Thoughts, Quotes and Video for Today 10.24.12 October 24, 2012

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1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tW7IJVsvCJA ~ Mooji … Be your own Maya… You have the Power, if you don’t divide yourself…  “We learned to become bound. The self-image, the idea we have of who we are, is only a hologram of the Self. The one who is identified as a person will not transcend Maya.”


2. Peace is not obtained; but merely accepted as here and now.


3. All that self-blame and guilt means that you believe that what you did really happened, and that it had some effect on reality. It didn’t. The eternal remains unaffected by your crazy dreams. But you cannot love your self if you are going to continue to condemn your self. And you cannot give, receive or share love while you cling to that guilt. So get off your case. We need you in the Love pool.


4. Today is a brand new day and the world is a blank canvas ready for US to paint with our unique color and style. Be honest. Be real. Don’t hold back. Nothing beautiful, True and lasting is ever created without a little mess and imperfection. Frame your day in acceptance and optimism. Life is trial and error.

Say to yourself: I’m starting fresh, and living in the moment.