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Developing Trust October 12, 2012

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In Oneness, One is not two… this is an amazing Blog by Jacob Glass today, Jacob is an amazing “teacher” and he can be found at jacobglass.com… Today, I would like to share this…. Where are we placing our Faith today??? It relates to the blog yesterday on Happiness… Jacob says it perfectly, with no need to improve it…

Developing Trust

The teachers of God have trust in the world, because they have learned it is not
governed by the laws the world made up. It is governed by a power that is in them but
not of them. It is this power that keeps all things safe. It is through this power
that the teachers of God look on a forgiven world.
– A Course in Miracles
Where is Your Faith?
Since faith is an aspect of Consciousness, every living person has faith. The question is what it is that we have faith in – appearances, money, science, family, nature, politics, the church – all of these can be the objects of our faith. And all of them will disappoint to one degree or another because they are finite and fallible. Even the mate who is totally honest and committed may betray us by suddenly dying. Trusting in these things leads to a roller coaster kind of happiness in which we are feel up when things are going the way we want them to and we go right back down to the bottom when life is not following our script.
But the Course is not telling us to give up worldly experiences such as family, career, marriage, politics or anything else. In fact, it is telling us that we CAN trust the world we see when we realize it is an effect and not a cause. The Cause is the Power that flows through us. We become calm, peaceful, sane and joyous to the extent that we do not exhaust ourselves trying to change the effects we see and instead focus our attention on the Cause within.
If I think that what I am seeing in my life or in the world around me is keeping me from experiencing the peace and joy of God, then I am at war with whatever I am looking at and I need to forgive that appearance and remember that it is NOT the cause of how I am feeling. My thinking is the cause of  how I am feeling at any given moment. And the Holy Spirit can help me to change my thinking if I am willing to LET GO of being right about what I am seeing.
I can trust the world to reflect my own thinking back to me because my faith is not in appearances but rather in the Cause within me. “I rule my mind which I alone must rule”means that I am at choice about what I will focus on today. I can see a world of guilt, pain, sorrow and suffering, or I can deliberately focus my mind on what there is to be grateful for, what is working, where I got it right today, where others got it right today, how so many people are working every day to bring more joy and beauty to the world, how much wonderful progress is being made in so many areas of living – I can praise rather than criticize. I can shift from projections of fear to acceptance that all things are held perfectly in the hands of God.
This has been a long journey for me and there is plenty of ground yet to cover, but I have made very good progress. Guilt and anxiety were my very close companions for many many years of my life. I had tremendous anxiety because I felt very unsafe in what I saw as an extremely dangerous world. Worry and anxiety were very deep mental habit patterns of mine for a long long time. And because of that I fearfully worked at trying to build up defenses and to create a personal world that was “safe” from that terrifying outer world I saw. I was seeking to change the world in order to make myself and others feel safe and sound. It did not work and it created a great rigidity in my personality.  Therefore, my path of healing has been in dropping that hopeless mission in order to do what I CAN do which is change my mind about the world. And that is achieved by developing trust in the Divine Presence within me.
One of the most significant ways this is accomplished is by telling myself a new story. We are all telling ourselves stories all day long in our minds as we go about narrating our lives. Most narrate a stressful story to one degree or another. I had to learn to narrate a soothing uplifting story. It may not change what actually happens on any given day. I may go to the same places and do the exact same things . . . but the narration in my mind determines how I feel about every single thing that happens. Therefore, I have learned to make the Divine Presence the star and myself the co-star of every single story every single day. When I forget this, my trust reverts back to my limited human self and to appearances, and the anxiety and desire to control the Universe comes rushing back like a tsunami of negative emotions.
Fear comes with the body because we are so body-identified. Therefore, fear is always going to pop up throughout the day. At those moments what we want to do is remember that what we are seeing is an effect and not a cause. In doing this, we take our power back and we can turn to the ultimate Cause to shift our seeing – we tell a better story, a more uplifting narrative, a more soothing perception. We learn to trust that Spirit can handle whatever is happening and that we are NOT ALONE. We invoke and activate Divine Consciousness and consult the Higher Authority. In this way we can breathe, relax and detach from specific outcomes. Perhaps the story that has brought me the greatest peace and joy of all is that in remembering that Earth is simply a huge temp assignment and nothing here is personal – it’s all issued by the Company as part of the assignment. I’m just a temp worker for the Divine Presence, going where I am sent to go, doing what is in front of me to do that day. I’ve been issued a body, company housing, co-workers in my department, a salary and benefits. I LOVE the Company and each day I show up, prepared, on time, doing what I said I would do, with a good attitude.
My trust is not in my human self or in my talents, intelligence and abilities. My faith is in What and Who is within me to use all those things in a variety of win-win scenarios all the days and nights of my life. And we have the greatest Boss in all the cosmos! What a blessing.