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Jacob’s Daily Affirmation June 26, 2012

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Spirit is guiding me and God is on the Field!

I trust the Wisdom of the Universe to handle all the details

of my life today as I choose the thoughts that cultivate peace & joy.

I make good choices and I CAN do whatever God guides me to do.

I choose to honor and accept myself exactly as I am and

I let God change me if any change is needed.

Of myself I cannot do this, but the Power within me

guides me to make whatever positive changes may need to be made.

There is nothing wrong with me – I am a Divine Creation and

I claim Divine Order in my life today as

I celebrate myself as a Child of the Light!


Giving meaning to the meaningless

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We try to understand and give meaning to the meaningless. Then it becomes real to us. We learn to appreciate it and we give it value. We get sucked in. The next thing you know we are struggling, striving and sacrificing to get more of that which is absolutely worthless… 


Energy Flows

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Energy Flows

Energy flows where the focus goes. If you focus on what you don’t want, the energy follows the things you’re focusing on, whether you want them or not, and will manifest. So say what you want and those things will manifest

I hope there is not traffic becomes The Roads are clearing
I want to be healthy becomes My health is improving daily

Speak about things that make you feel good, not those that don’t…


The Awareness of Love’s Presence

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The Love that is in my awareness – the Love that fills me until my cup runneth over, is the same Love that was always there within me. The awareness of that Love was blocked for a time by guilt, fear, grievances and all manner of imaginings of false needs. Once the blocks to the awareness of that Love were removed I could see clearly that it is what I am, and it is foolish to think that I must seek for it outside of myself.


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